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Strong creative services coupled with a comprehensive marketing strategy can make or break your business. I have been a trusted resource for nonprofits and small businesses alike to help reach their professional goals.

Media Buying

I can help identify and purchase ad space on relevant media channels at the optimal time and cost for your budget.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing support includes but not limited to analysis of your company's digital footprint, Google and Yelp profiles, search engine optimization (SEO), paid ads, and communication strategy.

Public Relations

Offer support with strategic communications, press releases, media pitches, thought leadership, and building an earned media plan.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design support includes a wide range of services including logo design, print and digital collateral, concept creation and execution, strengthening your brand strategy and consistency, and more.

Large-Scale Design & Printing

Large-scale printing support includes having a partner in ideation or content creation and vendor referrals for installation. Experience includes business signs, truck wraps, wall decals, and more.

Project Management

Strengths include planning, coordinating, and executing projects according to requirements and constraints. I help keep all parties on track for desired timelines.

Integrated Fundraising Campaigns

I can help thoughtfully and strategically produce messaging that moves prospective and recurring donors to take action and give now. I can help guide messaging for multiple channels that help with overall fundraising efforts.

Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy includes everything from analysis, direction and planning, content creation to consultation. I can also provide templates for community engagement online.

Special Events Branding

Comprehensive special event branding support includes everything from designing brand and/or logo, invitations, save the dates, tribute books, signage, presentation templates, and more.

"Jamie's work has beautiful clean lines and I was impressed with the way she conceptualized not just the specific piece contracted for - our Membership Brochure - but how she took a long view of our overall marketing and made sure the work was the right fit for our brand. Personally, I found Jamie to responsive, diligent, and really enjoyable to work with." - Julie Carpenter, Communications Director

What Clients Say

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